Announcing Super Baskets of Hope

Last Thursday I had the great privilege of participating in the news conference announcing a Riley Super Bowl service project, Super Baskets of Hope. We will be sending 7,000 gift baskets to hospitalized kids in all 32 NFL cities and all across Indiana! I had a great time with all of the other 31 kids wearing our jerseys and  representing the Riley Kids at such an exciting event. Seeing all of the support that this project has behind it and thinking about how many kids it will affect around the country is simply amazing to me. We had a chance to hear all of the major contributors to the baskets talk about why the wanted to get involved and what they thought the basket would mean to recipients. Jim Irsay and Gary Brackett (above) were also at the news conference on behalf of the Colts organization. The Colts have helped Riley Hospital in countless ways and are now big supporters on helping the Super Baskets of Hope get to their final destinations.

After the news conference in the atrium at Riley wrapped up, I had another great opportunity to share a little about the Super Baskets of Hope live on Channel 13 on the 12 o’clock news. After finishing up there, we headed to Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick to further promote the Super Baskets of Hope. It is great to see how many people are behind this project and are helping in every way they can. I can’t wait until we get to see the baskets all lined up on the floor of Conseco Fieldhouse waiting to be loaded on to the trucks for shipment. These baskets will not only have the tangible items inside, but also bring with them the HOPE that make these baskets the special thing that they are. I am proud to be a Riley Kid and also proud to be a Hoosier, as these baskets will show the type of caring and unselfish people that live in Indiana.


About Evan Meade

Evan is a leukemia survivor, a Franklin Community H.S. football player and one of the 2012 Riley Champions.
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