Seth Gorman Day

Riley Champion Seth Gorman has had plenty of memorable moments in the past year, but it may be hard to top February 18th. Much to Seth’s surprise, his principal at Castle High School in Newburgh proclaimed it “Seth Gorman Day.” The announcement came during the school’s dance marathon, which raised more than $5,800 for Riley. Seth has become quite an inspiration to those around him who have watched his struggle with juvenile arthritis, and his amazing return to the baseball field after his Riley doctor helped him
achieve remission. Here are some thoughts from Seth and his father, Tracy, about receiving the honor this week:

Rev. Tracy Gorman: “Our family, and especially Seth, was overwhelmed with the incredibly way he was honored by the Riley Foundation and by his principal and Castle High School.  It was a tremendous honor to participate in the Dance Marathon, and to see so many students coming out to support the hospital.  We appreciate the huge level of support that Principal Andy Byers gave to the Dance Marathon and to Seth.”

Seth Gorman: “I was so surprised by the entire event.  When we were walking into the school, I asked my parents, ‘Now, why are you coming into this dance again?  I thought it was just for students.’ I had no idea what was about to happen. I felt very humbled that Castle High School would do all of that for me.

I am having a blast being a Riley Champion this year. I was very thankful so many of my friends came to support me and the hospital that day.”

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