A Riley Blog is Born

Hello!  Welcome to the inaugural post of the Riley Children’s Foundation blog. We are continually blown away by the inspiring stories of Riley kids and families. Now, we have a new way of bringing you some of the behind-the-scenes Riley experiences with the help of a team of guest bloggers: Riley patients; parents; doctors; volunteers; and staff members.

It seems to make sense to start with the most important of messages. It comes from 14-year-old Mickey Deputy, who hasn’t let Down syndrome, heart surgery, or leukemia cast a shadow on her bright outlook. Her entire family is dedicated to raising funds for Riley through dance marathons and other events.

We asked Mickey what she’d like to say to the people who’ve helped support the hospital she credits with saving her life.  Mickey replied, “Thank you so much for doing that!! It means a lot to everybody.”

Is it nice, we asked her, to see so many people doing so much to help Riley? Her answer was one word, spoken with the hugest smile you can imagine.


We look forward to sharing many more Riley moments with you in the future. Thank you for your interest and support.

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