18th Birthday Surprise

Need a smile today? This wonderful story comes to us from the Riley Pediatric
Riley nurses Anila Paul, Kim Wright, Becca Mahlie and Emily Budreau surround Lexcie with love on her birthday
Intensive Care Unit (PICU) staff at Riley Hospital. Several PICU nurses went to great lengths to make sure a patient named Alexcia (“Lexcie”) had a happy 18th birthday. Lexcie is from Highland, and has been HIV positive since birth. She was newly diagnosed with lymphoma in February. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment which requires her to be dialyzed either on PRISMA in the PICU or three times a week in clinic. The nurses say Lexcie is a sweet and kind patient – and they wanted to give her something else to smile about.
Here is nurse Emily Budreau’s account of what happened:
Emily:“Rebecca, Anila, and I wanted to do something special for Lexcie turning 18 and having her spirits down with being in the hospital and family not able to visit. The day before her birthday she was able to come off PRISMA four hours, so Becca took Lexcie around in a wheelchair off the unit. While they were gone, we decorated Lexcie’s room with Hawaiian themed decorations. Lecxie was so surprised when she came back and so happy, we all knew we had made her day! The following day was her birthday we threw her a luau themed party and child life, music therapy, doctors and nurses all came to sing happy birthday and enjoy cake with her. She was such a happy and grateful girl! It was such an awesome feeling to know we had made her day and made it the best day possible for her while being in the hospital, a day she will never forget!”
And here is how Lexcie describes her experience:

Lexcie: “How I feel about Becca, Emily and Anila… I think they are amazing, they’re loving and caring, they all are like sisters to me.  I love them very much and I thank them for the party they threw for me because I don’t think I ever had nurses throw a party like that for me ever before.  When we hang out, I don’t look at them as nurses, I look at them as my best friends/sisters.  I have love for all of them. They are the best! I will admit I did cry on the inside seeing how much people care about me.  I will never forget that special day.   hey just make me smile and laugh every time. They are even there to cheer me up when I’m feeling down, all three of them are awesome people.  I love them all and I’m glad they do work here, because if they didn’t, I would not have known how amazing they are.”

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  1. avatar Heather Smith says:

    My daughter just left picu days ago and Emily was one of her nurses. This story is an imcredible reflection of how amazing Emily and the rest of the picu staff are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do on a daily basis.

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